November 30, 2017

Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Crude palm oil (also known as CPO) is a an edible oil extracted from the pulp of fruit of oil palms. They are naturally high in beta-carotene is mainly used for cooking purposes in South-East Asia, West Africa, India and some parts of Brazil.


Top 4 reasons why you should trade and buy from us :

1. We trade reliably, safely and securely from Indonesia and Malaysia, the origins of palm oil and palm products.

2. Flexible quantity available with FOB and CNF trade terms.

3. Independent third party surveyors.

4. Reliable and professional shipping partners.


Basic Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Specifications:

-> Free Fatty Acid (FFA) (as Palmatic) – 5% Max

-> Moisture & Impurities (M&I) – 0.5% Max


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