January 1, 2020

About Us

High Impact Pte. Ltd. is the first few established and recognised brands for energy and agricultural commodities trading based in Singapore.

We are the best company to rely on for agricultural and energy products. With us, you are guaranteed to receive high quality services, fast delivery and genuine products. As experienced sellers of these commodities, we promise you the best service possible. 

At High Impact, we give you a unique, reliable, and effective service. What makes us distinguished from our competitors is the quality of the job that we render for you. 

High Impact gives you penetration bitumen that comes from the best sources available out there. The corporates from where we derive our sources include Singapore Refining Companies (SRC), Shell, SK and Exxon Mobile. Additionally, we contracted with refineries from UAE and Oman for bitumen from the Middle East.

Our objective at High Impact is to offer and provide maximum satisfaction to our customers. In order to achieve this objective, we try our best to present our products in the most perfect manner. At High Impact, we have taken adequate measures to give out the best of us to the customers. 

For those who prefer original quality products, High Impact is the best place to come to. Our fly ash comes directly from Vietnam which is extracted from the natural-sourced power plants. On a yearly basis, High Impact ships at least 70,000 metric tons per ship and we can provide you both FOB and CIF at your convenience. 

When it comes to buying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), no one could better serve you than High Impact. Our LPG is not only better in terms of quality but we also quote you at the most cost-competitive price compared to the market. 

Whether you need our services for energy products or agricultural products, we, at High Impact, have got you covered. Each of our products and services is tailored to provide you maximum deal comfort and help you achieve your objectives. Quality and affordability are our defining features at High Impact! 

Feel free to approach us anytime! 

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